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Welcome to Emerson's Supply Chain Optimization (SCO) Home Page

Mission Statement:

  • Implement a Sustainable Supply Chain Process to Support the Operational Management of the Physical and Information Flow Across the Supply Chain Through the Use of Best in Class Logistics Systems and Resources to Improve Speed, Reliability and Costs

Program Scope

  •  Includes All Transportation Modes Except Parcel

Program Objectives

  • Enable Direct Shipper and Supplier Bookings to Emerson Preferred Carriers
  • Automated Implementation of Bid Award Through System Driven Routing
  • Drive Mode, Carrier Selection and Service Level Based on When the Material Is Needed, What Is Being Shipped, and Historic Carrier Performance
  • Improve In-Transit Visibility and Execution on Shipments
  • Improve Carrier Billing by Providing Standard Shipping Documents

Shipper Benefits

  • Eliminate Manual (Phone, Fax and E-mail) Tenders
  • Improved Data Accuracy
  • Real Time Shipment Visibility
  • Single Standardized Solution for Emerson

User/Technical Requirements

  • Internet Explorer 11 or Firefox (Any Version). 
  • Internet Connection






For general inquiries about the Emerson SCO Program or to submit New User Registration Requests,  please email us at Email is the preferred communication method.  In North America, our toll free number is (855)554-4726.

Please include your name, company name, and contact information in the email.